ISO 28000 Certification : Secure supply chain

ISO 28000 Certificate is A globally ISO standard, defines the requirements of the Supply Chain Security Management System. QMCS (India) provide ISO 28000 Certification consultancy. 

What is ISO 28000 Certification?

ISO 28000 Certification is globally recognized ISO standard which addresses the requirements of a Security Management System (SMS) for the supply chain. ISO 28000 Certification specifies the aspects to support the organization to assess security threats and to manage them as they arise in their supply chain. Security Management  system is related to other aspects of business management.  With ISO 28000 standard, organizations can determine whether appropriate security measures are in place and can secureorganization properties from various type of threats.

Why Supply Chain Security Management System is important for organization?

ISO 28000 certification demonstrates that you are an asset to your organization/company and that you are a trust-worthy expert. ISO 28000 enables you to support the organization in developing  a Security Management System (SMS) that ensures the sufficient management and control of security and issue, coming from logistic operations and supply-chain-partners.  ISO 28000 standardincreases visibility in the global market and supports your organization to boostits servicesquality and profitability.

What Are The Advantages Of ISO 28000 Certification ?

ISO 28000 Certification brings big advantages to companies in micro, small, medium and largesectors. With ISO 28000 certificationit respond to the enhancing customer demands for proof of systematic security management, an ISO 28000 Certification compliant management system can boost your business growth, reputation and confidence. ISO 28000 also support you:

  • Monitor & manage security risks throughout your business and supply-chain
  • Allows management to focus finite resources in areas of greatest concern
  • Encourage companies to secure their own-processes within supply chains
  • Facilitate trade and expedite the transport of goods across borders
  • Enhance a competitive-advantage and win new business
  • Gain opportunities to boost efficiency across working-practice
  • Security of goods & services


ISO 28000 certified organization plays an important  role in international supply chains,. This ISO standard gives multiple benefits in the  business. Since in supply chain process  customer and suppliers are dependent on one and others. ISO 28000 certification can assist in minimizing  the risk and enhancement of opportunities.

Becoming ISO 28000 Certified Gives You a Multiple Benefits:

  1. Minimize serious damage  and risk:-ISO 28000 audits support identify risks to your property, people & cargo, meaning you can take remedial-action to boost safety.
  2. Offer best services for the CustomerEstablish a reputation for delivering on time. ISO 28000 certification shows that the organization has  optimized your processes in order to minimizesecurity risks. This is an effective marketing tool.
  3. QMCS(INDIA)offer trusted ISO 28000 audits –QMCS(INDIA) provides your organization with comprehensive-objective and rigorous supply chain audits. We are among the best ISO 28000 Certification consultant around the globe.

QMCS(INDIA) auditors/consultants hold the necessary national & international accreditations for management system auditing and training activities. This means that your ISO 28000 certification process is conducted with the highest degree of professionalism & conformance to worldwide guidelines & standards. In addition, QMCS (India) auditors are required to follow a strict code of conduct through Auditor-Codex, which insure both you and your client of our complete independence & impartiality.


ISO 28000 Certification is applicable toany size of business, from small to multinational,  service, manufacturing,transportation or storage at any stage of the production or supply chain that wishes to:

  • Implement, Establish, , maintain and improve a security management system;
  • Demonstrate such conformance to others.
  • Seek certification of its security management system by an Accredited third party ISO Certification Body; or
  • Make a self determination and self declaration of conformance with ISO 28000 Certification.

There are legislative and regulatory codes that address some of the necessity in ISO 28000 certification.

It is not the intention of ISO 28000 Certification to require duplicative demonstration of conformance. Organizations that select third-party certification can further demonstrate that they are contributing-significantly to supply-chain-security.

What Does QMCS(INDIA) Offer For ISO 28000 CertificationConsultancy For Your Organization?

QMCS(INDIA) has  team of well qualified consultants and trainers having good industrial experience,. We support organizations across the globe to implement and get ISO 28000 certification. Our consultation approach is professional, time-bound and best result in the ease of implementation and adds-value to the business processes of the organization.

QMCS(INDIA) provide ISO 28000 Certification consultancy,  implementation  , training, gap-analysis, documentation, internal audits, preassessment audits, certification audit through best of the certification bodies and post certification enhancement services to enable your organization to get ISO Certification.




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