ISO 22000 Certification : Food Safety Management System

ISO 22000 Certification is a Food Safety Management System that can be applied to any organization in the food chain, farm to fork. QMCS(INDIA) is Offering ISO 22000 Certification Consultancy in all over India.

The goal of ISO 22000 Certification is to control and reduce  the physical, chemical and biological contamination to an acceptable level, any safety hazards identified for the end products delivered to the next step of the food chain. (An end-product is defined as a product/Item that will not undergo any next processing or transformation by the company /organization). WE provide ISO 22000:2018 Certification consultancy services in all over India.

What is ISO 22000 Certification?

ISO 22000 Certification is a Food Safety Management System (Food safety certification) that can be suitable to any type of organization in the food chain business, farm to fork. Becoming certified to ISO 22000 Certification allows a organization to show their customers that they have a food safety management system in organization. ISO 22000 Certification give customer confidence in the food product. ISO 22000 is becoming more and more important as customers demand secure food & food-processors needs that ingredients get from their suppliers to be safe.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) developed the ISO 22000 Certification. ISO and their member countries used the Quality Management System approach & tailored ISO 22000 Certification to apply to Food-Safety, incorporating the widely used and proven Food safety principles and Good-Manufacturing Principles (addressed by Pre-requisite Programs in ISO 22000 Certifiation).

Why organizations need of ISO 22000 Certification?

ISO 22000 Used by organizations across the food chain to help  to deliver food that’s safe to consume, ISO 22000 is an excellent framework to help implement a food safety management system (FSMS).

How food is grown, processed , transported, manufactured and even consumed has changed significantly since the original standard was published over a decade ago. The new standard considers these changes and aims to help organizations to  reduce food safety hazards.

In addition to making ISO 22000 and the resulting FSMS easier to integrate with other ISO management systems, the new version of the standard also introduces the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle and risk-based thinking. By combining PDCA and risk based thinking to manage-business risk with HACCP to identify, prevent & control food safety risk, ISO 22000 Certification  support organizations to decrease exposure to hazard & improve food safety.

Whether ISO 22000 certification right for organizations?

ISO 22000 (Food safety Certification) is suitable for any organization within the food chain business, regardless of size, from feed maker, primary producers through food manufacturers, storage and transport operators and sub-contractors food outlets to retail .

ISO 22000 Certification may be applied to inter related organizations such as equipment maker , packaging-material, additives, cleaning agents and ingredients. Food safety Certifiaction may be applied to service providers.

In-summary, part or all of the ISO 22000 certification requirements will apply to any products that contact the food industry or the food chain business.

Why organizations Get ISO 22000 Certification (FSMS)?

Primarily, the rules & regulations mentioned in ISO 22000 Certification (Food safety Certifcation) can be a guide-line for the food industries related to food processing & manufacturing  . So, ISO 22000 Certification (FSMS) can be compulsory for the companies involved in food-related business and do some activities as food maker, packager, transporter, bottler processor, retailer, or food server. Technically, these units are required to apply for and get an ISO 22000 certificate to run their business smartly. The organization approach to accredited ISO 2200 Certification body providing services of ISO 22000 Certification in all over India.

Key Elements of ISO 22000 Certification :

Interactive Communication: Effective-communication is essentials to secure that all possible risk are duly identified & adequately controlled at each step within the food supply chain.

System Management: ISO 22000 Compatible with ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and different-different other management system standards.

How to Apply ISO 22000 Certification (FSMS)?

  1. Submission of Request for Information (RFI)
  2. Issuance of Quotation
  3. Submission of Application
  4. Gap analysis
  5. Training
  6. Documentation ( HACCP, Risk assessment, process control etc)
  7. Internal audits & MRM
  8. Stage-I & Stage-II audit
  9. Release of certificate

ISO 22000:2018 Certification Principles:

πŸ‘‰ Customer focus

πŸ‘‰ Leadership

πŸ‘‰ Engagement of people

πŸ‘‰ Process approach

πŸ‘‰ Improvement

πŸ‘‰ Evidence-based decision makingΒ 

πŸ‘‰ Relationship management

What is requirement of ISO 22000:2018 Certification?

The Annex-SL of High Level Structure of ISO 22000 Certification contains some mandatory requirements for effective-implementation of the Food-Safety Management System in an organization. These are enlisted from sections-4 to 10 of the Annex-SL-document. However, the first three-sections mostly introduce the standard and composition of scope, normative-references, and terms & definitions.  The specific requirements for ISO 22000  are mentioned in the later 7-sections.

βœ… Section 4: Context of the organization –  It includes all those factors that might affect your organization

βœ… Section 5: Leadership – This section deals with the responsibilities of top management in ensuring an effective Food safety management system in the organization.

βœ… Section 6: Planning  – This section deals with the timely identification of risks and preparing action plans to deal with them.

βœ… Section 7: Support  – In his section, the organization is made aware of the tools, technologies, and resources that are required for the implementation of FSMS.

βœ… Section 8: Operation  –  This section provides for the assessment of the existing procedures and compliance with the legal obligations.

βœ… Section 9: Performance evaluation  – The performance of your FSMS can be regularly evaluated through monitoring and measurement. This ensures the ability of your management-system in meeting the objectives determined by your organization.

βœ… Section 10: Improvement   – This section ensures that your organization is able to meet the changing market demands by continually improving the management system.

Why do organizations select QMCS (INDIA) for ISO 22000 Certification consultancy

QMCS(INDIA)  can help in  establishing  system according to ISO 22000 certification Food Safety Management System  Requirements. QMCS(INDIA)  have professional methods of implementing ISO 22000 requirement for more than 30 years for more than 1000 industries.

QMCS(INDIA)  can Support you  in developing , implementing  and obtain  ISO 22000:2018 certification from reputed certification body. QMCS(INDIA)  is s preferred consultancy organization by reputed certification bodies. We are best ISO 22000 Certification consultancy in India. We provide ISO 22000 Certification consultancy  and Training services in all over India. 


If you are a food company and  already certified to ISO 22000, we can support you make a seamless transition to FSSC 22000 by implementing the additional requirements set by the FSSC and the PRP standard relevant to your industry. The transition can be made at any-audit in your 3-year cycle & will result in a new FSMS certificate.




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