ISO 50001 Certification : Energy management system.

ISO 50001 Certification assures that your organization has a healthy Energy Management system, minimize energy consumption, QMCS (India) offer ISO 50001 Certification consultancy in India.

What is ISO 50001 Certification (EnMS)?

ISO 50001 Certification is the latest revised worldwide ISO standard for Energy Management providing the most robust management system for optimising energy efficiency in public and private sector organizations.

ISO 50001 certification demonstrates an company/organization’s commitment to regular  progress  in energy management, allowing them to lead by example with in their relevant business industries and assure related legislative & regulatory needs are met.

ISO 50001 Certification is develop to be compatible and harmonised with other system Certification, such as ISO 14001 Certification  for environmental management systems (EMS) and ISO 9001 Certification  for quality management systems (QMS). ISO 50001 Certification is therefore suitable for integrating into existing management systems & processes such as environmental, and health & safety.

 History of ISO 50001:2018

ISO declared energy management one of its top five areas for development of International Standards and in 2008 created a project committee called ISO/PC 242 Energy Management.

ISO/PC 242 was led by ISO members for the United States (ANSI), Brazil (ABNT), China (SAC) and the UK (BSI Group), this collective group was able to ensure that both developed and developing economies participated together.
Eventually experts from the national standard bodies of 44 countries participated and on June 17th, 2011, ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management Systems- Requirements with guidance, for use was published.

Why is ISO 50001 Certification Energy Management important for your organization?

Energy is crucial to the industries/organization’s operations & can result in major-costs regardless of its activities. ISO 50001 Certification (Energy Management) offer guideline on the usage of energy throughout the organization’s supply chain, from raw-materials to recycling.  Apart from costs, energy-usage-contributes to climate change as well. 

Considering that the search for alternative energy-sources can be time consuming; Each organization/company should aspire to minimize energy consumption and use. In addition, organizations should attempt to boost employee awareness towards energy conservation. By becoming ISO 50001 certified, you will get the necessary skills, which will enable you to support the organization comprehend the positive-impacts of this standard. Likewise, you will support the organization to minimizes its contribution to global-warming, thus become recognized as an environmentally-friendly-organization.

ISO 50001 Certification Principles-

✅ Customer-focus

✅ Leadership

✅ Engagement of people

✅ Process approach

✅ Improvement/Progress

✅ Evidence-based decision making

✅ Relationship-management

PDCA Cycle

1. Plan – to think that what we require to obtain in our organization

2. Do – to execute a planned action which will support us obtain the required objective

3. Check – monitor against the ISO standards) (policies, objectives, requirements)

4. Action – Finally implementing what has been rechecked. 


ISO 50001 Certification emphasizes a systematic ISO certification process for attaining perfection in the energy management process and boosting energy efficiency in all type of business industries.

The ISO 50001 Certification acts as a benchmark that empowers the organizations with a fundamental agenda for assimilation and application of different energy management practices throughout the management systems in an organization.

Benefits of implementing ISO 50001 Certification include:

✓ Minimize energy-costs & increased savings

✓ Reduced environmental-impacts

✓ Better use of existing energy-consuming assets

✓ Minimize energy consumption

✓ Boost energy efficiency

✓ Facilitates energy-management improvements in the context of green-house-gas emission reduction projects

✓ Regular improvement in energy performance

How does obtain ISO 50001 certification support in saving energy?

ISO 50001 certification support you by way of rendering-assistance on the intelligent & sustainable use of the available energy consuming assets or more commonly energy resources.

Why choose ISO 50001 Certification?

👉  Win more business – more & more tenders need suppliers to be ISO 50001 certified

👉  Minimize costs – ISO 50001 Certification organisations report significant savings in energy consumption

👉  Comply with Regulations – ISO 50001 certification is a route to ESOS-compliance

👉  Increase your environmental credentials – through minimized greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint

What is Cost of ISO 50001 Certification

QMCS(INDIA) always charges the best competitive rates for iso 50001 certification & Consultancy . The ISO  50001 Certification cost  is based on the

  • Number of Employees
  • Risk Factors
  • Sites and locations.

How to apply for ISO 50001 Certification

If you are interested to know about ISO 50001 certification, please make call our sales and marketing team.

Our Expert will assist you. We will listen care-fully before responding with a tailor-made quote for an assessment process that has been built around your company/organization’s needs, budget, and time frames.

Why organizations hire us for ISO 50001 Certification consultancy?

QMCS (INDIA)  has a team of  qualified electrical engineers  with 25 years of experience in the field of training and consultancy in various management systems. We have offered services to private, public and govt. organizations in large, medium, small ,mini and micro industries.




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