ISI Mark Registration

 What is ISI mark ?

ISI mark is a certification mark for industrial items in India. The marks ensures that an item affirms to the Indian Standard, mentioned as IS:xxxx on top of the mark, created by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the national standard body of India. The ISI mark is by a wide margin the most perceived certification mark in the Indian subcontinent. The name ISI is a shortening of Indian Standards Institute, the previous name of the Bureau of Indian Standards. It has 7-digit license number (CM/L-xxxxxxx) required by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). CM/L number is mandatory for all ISI marks otherwise; it is a punishable offense by the law. The ISI mark is compulsory for certifying items to be sold in India, in the same way as other of the electrical appliances like wiring cables, switches, heaters, electric motors, kitchen appliances and so on, and different items like LPG valves, LPG cylinders, Portland cement, automotive tyres and so on. In any case, on account of most different items it is intentional.

 Points to keep in mind

There are many ISI major points that every consumer should keep in mind:

     -> The vendor must mention on the receipt that product is ISI mark certified.

     -> If the product quality not great then you can complain in BIS.

     -> BIS keeps checking on the product manufacturers whether they are following the ISI guidelines or not.

     -> The investigation takes time for three months in case of a complaint made against a manufacturer.

 What are the things to consider for ISI Mark Certification?

The key pointers to consider about ISI Mark certification in India are as follows:

  • Details of the ISI mark certification must be specified by the seller on every invoice.
  • Anyone can file a complaint to BIS if the product is not of good quality.
  • All the manufacturers are regularly monitored by the BIS.
  • The BIS Officer requires three months’ time to investigate a complaint filed against a manufacturer.

Benifits Of ISI mark Certification

1. Gaurantees both quality and safety products.
2. Provides better growth prospects to the business.
3.Increase goodwill of business.
4. Enhances customer saisfaction.
5. Mitigates product rejection.
6. Minimizes product cost.
7.Reduces wastage of resources.




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