ISO 18788 Certification : management system for private security operations.

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What is ISO 18788 Certification?

ISO 18788 Certification specifies the requirements and provides guidance for organizations that conduct or contract security operations. Moreover, it provides a framework for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving a Security Operations Management System. It enables the constant-development of security services, while ensuring customer safety and respect for human-rights. ISO 18788:2015 Certification demonstrates compliance with laws and regulations, respect for human-rights and the establishment of professional security-operations to better meet the customer and stakeholder’s requirement.

ISO 18788 Certification offer a Management System framework for Private Security Operations through elaborating on the principles and requirements for implementing, establishing, operating, reviewing, monitoring,  maintaining &  development the management of safety operations.


Why ISO 18788 Certification is important for your organization?

The importance of ISO 18788 Certification for the ability of the organization to detect appropriate legal & regulatory guidelines and also support business functions and the supply-chain.

ISO 18788 Certification is appropriate for any type of organization involved in conducting or contracting security operations. The ISO 18788 certification support you to establish, implement, maintain and enhance a Security-Operations-Management- System and at the same time assures that the organization has implemented effective management controls.

In addition, it demonstrates the organization’s commitment to continuously give qualitative services that meet customer’s requirement, secure the customer’s and the organization’s reputation in global market, while adhering to applicable laws and human-rights requirements.

Advantage of ISO 18788 Certification to your organization:

  1. Imposes credibility and support protect your organization reputation
  2. Demonstrates accountability to law and respect for human-rights
  3. Provides assurance for governments, customers and communities
  4. Increases organizational productivity with the best practice “Plan-Do-Check-Act” approach
  5. Presents consistent and comprehensive means of demonstrating effective corporate governance from board level to physical delivery
  6. Boosts the probability of operational success


ISO 18788 standard  in building a perfect risk management structure for all business organizations by way of contracting or outsourcing the security management tasks & the related exercises. ISO certification for SOMS emphasizes on:

  • Direction from the expert private security agencies that can fulfil the requirement of the clients and different stake-holders
  • Answerability of the organizations with regard to human-rights;
  • Steadiness in wilful commitment to which it promises.

Hence we can conclude that ISO 18788 Certified Security Operations Management System can definitely support you establish the desired level of Security Management in your organization. On the whole, the ISO 18788 Certified will enable you to acquire the required-skill set to control an efficient Security Operations team within your organization/company.

ISO 18788 Certification Structure - Key points

Like many standards, ISO 18788 is structured in the format of annex SL (renamed in 2019 as Annex L) which helps streamline the creation of new standards, and makes implementing multiple standards within one organization easier. Below we have highlighted some of the key areas of ISO 18788:

  • Context of the organization
  • Scope
  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • Support
  • Operations
  • Performance evaluation
  • Audit (both internal and third party Audit)
  • Management review
  • Tests and exercises

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