FSC Certification : Forest stewardship Council

The FSC Certification  specifies environmental & social-minimum Certification for the management of forests. QMCS(India) offer  FSC Certification Consultancy in all over India


What is FSC Certification?

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a internationally recognised certification system with million hectares of forestland certified under its forest conservation standards. FSC Certification uses a voluntary, market based system in which forests, companies-anyway associated to timber related products are audited against principles and criteria of FSC Certification (Forest Stewardship Council Certification). The performance based standards encompass environmental, social and economic-values, and are framed to ensure that the forests are managed sustainably.

FSC Certification assure traceability of products from the forests to the point of sale. Products that are manufactured from responsibly-harvested forests are identified with the FSC Certification logo, which is considered the “gold-standard” of forest certification by major environmental groups


  • Compliance with Laws & FSC Principles
  • Community Relations and Workers’ Rights
  • Advantage from the Forest
  • Environmental Impact
  • Plantations
  • Management Plan
  • Indigenous Peoples’ Rights
  • Monitoring and Assessment
  • Tenure & Use Rights & Responsibilities
  • Maintenance of High Conservation Value Forests

 Why Is FSC necessary?

This assures customers that your company only uses legal sources and responsibly managed forests for its material.
It enables you to offer your customers better value in terms of origin of material and promotion of responsible forestry.
By using FSC™ material, you can also open up new business opportunities for your company in markets requiring the certification.


Deforestation causes 20% of global green house gas (GHG) emissions. Additionally, it reduce the capacity of biological systems to sequester CO2. FSC Certification support secure forests from irresponsible & unsustainable management practices so that future generations can continue to have access to these resources, forest dwelling species can continue to thrive, & eco system services from forests can continue to be enjoyed by allspecies, both human & non-human.

FSC Certification Chain of Custody

Certification does not end with at the edge of the forest. For a product to be FSC certified, every business in the manufacturing & distribution chain must undergo a Chain of Custody audit to assure that certified and non-certified materials are kept separate and that FSC Certification claims are legitimate. In short, an FSC certified log must be able to be tracked from the woods, through the manufacturing process and to the final product that is placed on the retail-shelf. This rigorous chain of custody process is part of what makes FSC Certification unique among forest certification programs.

Advantage of FSC Certification-

  • Compliance with public/private procurement policies and specifications such as the EU Ecolabel scheme for furniture, or the united stated Green Building Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system.
  • There is transparency of the flow of goods from forest to User/consumer
  • You gain credibility through certification to globally recognised Certification
  • Boost market access in an increasingly environmentally aware-sector.
  • Demonstrate that you take the environmental concerns of your customers seriously.

Why QMCS (India) is best for FSC Certification Consultancy

If you are new to FSC Certification, QMCS India consulting team can help you through all the stages of preparation. Our FSC Certification consultants can do on-site inspections, risks and opportunity assessments, and employee interviews to get an overall view of your FSC Certification programm.
We, at QMCS India provide leading FSC Certification consultancy services to support you to develop a fully compliant FSC Certification . Our services start with premium consultation where we support you to understand the specifications of the FSC Certification.
WE are offering FSC Certification consultancy service in all over India.




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